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Well, this would be my first blog post… Let me introduce myself…

I like to call myself Remus(the werewolf from he Harry Potter series), not that I don’t like my own name… Just that it is easy to imagine myself or identify myself with him… I’m nearly twenty. Still studying, of course. A typical introvert teen.. but I do socialize very easily with people who have a similar mindset as mine.

This blog will feature my writings – poetry, short stories and similar stuff… That’s enough for an intro I guess…


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Point Blank #1

“Jesus Christ!! What the bloody bleep happened?? I was NOT supposed to screw up this time… Not when my career is on-line. I’m gonna set things right. Damn right I am!” I said to myself, looking towards my right. She was running as fast as me… “Maybe a bit slower”, said my egoistic mind. This narcissistic comment made me create a burst of speed, pushing a bit harder. I looked back over my shoulder and shouted “Come on Leah! You can do better than that! Hahaaa”. Immediately, the reply came. Clearly audible among the barks of the wolves which were chasing us (or rather, hunting us) “Fuck you, Rem!”. And without even thinking for a moment, I shouted back “Oh, tonight you will, honey. If we get out of this alive”.
I slowed down to her pace and we ran together, putting more and more obstacles between ourselves and the wolves, instead of a clear path. The wolves were almost on our heels when I spotted a thick enough tree which had fallen down, and had become a hurdle of sorts with enough space below for two people to slide under it. Suddenly, something clicked in my mind. I looked at her and asked “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”. “Daggers, yes?” she asked me. “Good girl. Now, slide in three… Two…. One… NOW!”. We both slid down under the tree, and right when it passed over us, we drew our daggers in both of our hands from our ankle holsters. We both stood up,  putting and end to the sliding and turned around, and right behind us jumped two wolves, over the tree.
The words of our trainer came to my mind and I said “Duck…”. “… And push”, she completed my sentence as we both ducked to avoid the front paws of the predators and pushed the daggers into their chest, and blood came out of their bodies in spurts and drenched our arms. “Great!!”, said Leah. Well, she hated to be covered in blood. “It’s alright sweety. Now, the other two. Mind getting a bit more dirty?” I asked. “Not really, as long as you wash me up later”, she replied, winking at me. “Not the right time to discuss it. But sure. Whatever you want” I said. I could hear the barks at a distance. “Switch to knives” I suggested. I drew my throwing knife from my wrist holster, while she did the same thing. And right at the moment the wolves sprung upon us, we threw our knives right into the wolves’ heart, making them land with a thump on the forest floor.
“Well, that was fun. But it could have been avoided if you hadn’t fallen off the tree in the first place, dumbhead” she said, approaching me and then, gently kissed me for a brief second before walking away towards camp. “Hey! That wasn’t even one Mississippi long!” I shouted, running after her. “Keep that argument up and you lose your chance of washing me up”, came her nonchalant reply. I knew it was high time I shut up and followed her…

Casper Jasper? Naah. Lily 😁 #2

So, yeah. “Hi!! Is there something on my face?” she asked, both ecstatic and taken aback. The ecstasy was obviously because someone saw her for the first time and the taken aback thing was because that someone was staring at her. “Uh…huh? Oh, no.. No. Nothing. Um… Who ARE you?” were the words that came out of my mouth. She smiled. And OHEMGEEE!! Was her smile mesmerizing. I literally exhaled a deep sigh. “I’m Lily. Pleased to meet you” she said, with a light grin. And her hand was extended towards me, inviting mine for a handshake. Suddenly, it struck me… She didn’t know that she was a ghost (I’m lost as to how to put it forward in a better way). “Shit. I’m literally gonna destroy her feelings…  What do I do? What do I do?”. Like an idiot, this was my first thought… Well, second. I nervously extended my hand. It was to be the second time I would be rocked out of my wits that day. She literally HELD my hand and shook it.

I probably had a flabbergasted look on my face because she said “You’re starting to get me worried. Is everything alright?”. “Yeah. Yes… Yes. Everything’s just fine” I replied. She asked me why I looked so surprised at the handshake if everything was fine. I needed to think my way through this. I came up with what I thought was comparatively, a good plan. “So, umm… Lily, what is the date today?” I asked, pretending to write it in my notebook. “It’s the 29th of March” was her reply. I began to write 29/3/2017…  And just as I had expected, she said that I had written the date wrong and that the year was 2007 and not what I had written.
“Uh.. Lily, I don’t know how to say this to you. But it IS 2017. You don’t know this because you’re probably the girl who died in the car crash in 2007… You’re…  A ghost. I’m sorry that I cannot find any other way to say it”. She stared at me blankly. Her eyes looked so devoid of feelings. All that enthusiasm that was there a couple of moments ago was gone. “Lily!! Hey! Are you alright? Talk to me”, I said. She came back to her senses and replied “Yes. Yes… I.. I just need a bit of time to process this…”. She picked up her holographic bag and walked out. I followed her, telling the professor that I wasn’t feeling well.
Damn! That girl could walk. Because by the time I came out of the class, she was halfway down the hall. I ran towards her. I was about to shout out, asking her to slow down. But then I realized I’d probably look like an idiot. So I shut up and followed her. She entered the library. I went behind her to the newspaper section of the library. She pulled out the stack of newspapers from 2007. There were only a few newspapers because as far as I could remember, there wasn’t much that happened in the school that year. She surfed through a couple of newspapers before she came across the particular one. “Car hit by a trailer. Family of three found dead”. That was on the front page. My mouth went dry… And I could see a couple of holographic tears glistening on the surface of the newspaper.

Casper Jasper? Naah. Lily 😁 #1

It was just another day… Or at least, it seemed like it. I was trudging the way to my school, and something was weighing my heart down and I didn’t know what. And the disturbing sensation was getting more and more pronounced the closer I got to my destination. It wasn’t the first time I was feeling like this. It had been a couple of months since these things started to happen. The first few times, it was like once a week. I ignored it in the beginning. But then, the frequency increased. So, I told my mom about it. She took me to a doctor and had me checked up. Nothing. The results showed that I was totally fine. Since nothing was physically wrong, I didn’t worry much. 
Recently, it was happening almost every single day. So, I started observing myself. And it was pretty crude at first. Day by day, things started getting clear… Well, comparatively. I start my walk from my home, halfway to school, there was a park. Pretty normal for a neighborhood like ours. Too many kids around.  And right around the corner, there was a house which appeared newly built. So, a few days ago, while returning from school, I went into the park and sat down on one of the benches there.
I was staring at the house. No. I was wrong. It wasn’t newly built. Definitely not. Same old Tudor style, same windows I saw as a child, same pillars… No. It wasn’t rebuilt or anything. Just repaired and repainted. “Okay,” I said to myself, “somebody must have bought the old house. I wonder who had the thought of buying it, when the ‘urban legend’ has it that the house is haunted…”. Well, whoever it was, they would have rough nights probably, I chuckled. Little did I know that I was the one who would have his life changed. 
So, back to the present. I reached my school, went to the classroom and sat down in the last bench, unlike my usual second bench. Wasn’t feeling so good I guess…  Remember the unusual burden I was talking about? Turns out, it happens when a ghost is trying to talk to you. That too, in the beginning of what she called “Friendship”. Yes. A GHOST wanted to be friends with me. Like that was the only thing that was left to happen. So, yes. I sat in the last bench blah blah blah. It was English during the first hour. I’d done my reading ages ago, so I sat, looking outside, in the farthest row from the windows. The last benches were all unoccupied and my line of sight was clear. My eyes lost focus. And suddenly, I felt… more like saw something materialize in the last bench of the adjacent row. I blinked back to focus and saw her for the first time.  Her cute grin was what was most striking. But the thing is, she was more like a hologram than a real person. So, obviously, my thought went straight to a word which was blinking in neon light in my imagination. “GHOST” it read. And a neon arrow pointing at her… 

To be continued…  I hope 🤔

Pic just for representation… I don’t have any idea who the character in the picture is 😜 

Random scribbles #1


Exhausted… Bleeding profusely from all the wounds from the battle. I mustered up whatever strength I had left and stepped forward and swung my sword at him. He just casually stepped back, kicked me in the back of my knee, making me fall uncontrollably. I had missed… Very badly. I dug my sword into the ground to raise myself up. But right at that moment, he smashed the hilt of his sword onto my shoulder-blade, fracturing it.
A blood curdling scream escaped my throat. But in that desolate land where we were the only ones around, nobody was there to hear my voice. I was thrown forward from the hit. He came near me and moved me with his feet so that I was lying with my face upward. “I did tell you you would lose. You don’t have anyone to fight with you nor anything to fight for.” He rested his right foot on my chest and bent forward to sneer.
I spit on his face. It was mostly blood. “I fought for what I felt was worthy. I fought to protect what I thought was mine. And I’m proud of myself for doing that. If you want to kill me, just make it quick. Be man enough to kill me without boasting. Because it was not your strength or skill that defeated me. You wouldn’t have been alive to talk right now if you hadn’t had a traitor in my camp who poisoned me”.
“Killing you quickly would be no fun. I want to enjoy watching you die…”, he said, and drove his dagger through my chest slowly and twisted it, causing me excruciating pain. The poison, along with the wounds and the dagger was taking its toll… My vision became blurred, and the loss of blood made me the weakest I had been in all my life. The last thing I saw was his maniac laughter, before I closed my eyes. The last breath escaped my chest in a cloud of fine dust.

The One That Got Away

Character Introduction: Alice Wessley

Time to introduce you to my folks, as promised. Since I’ll be starting the story from the first attack on Solaris, I’ll be introducing them to you as they were back then. This will be the story of five kids who are adept in warfare and are exceptionally talented. Without further ado, let me introduce you to the youngest person in our group – Alice Wessley

She is the daughter of Norman Wessley and Caitlin Wessley, both Elementalists ,and probably (if not definitely) the most amicable people you’d find in our place. They were my most favorite people apart from my family. Being an only child, I used to think of Alice as my younger sister. Our parents were very proud of the way we got along. She was five years younger than me. I absolutely  loved her and she adored me.

Alice was an Elementalist just like her parents. She was one of the youngest talents who had perfected their abilities. That is partly because we used to practice hours on end in the jungles nearby. It was our favorite pastime since we were kids. Either of the parents of us 5 kids were in the council. So, we were a very tight-knit group. And since the parents would be busy with the administration, we used to have all the time in the world to do whatever we wanted.

Alice and I used to walk till the edge of the forests. There, I would phase and she would hop on my back, after which I would run deep into the jungle. This was our daily routine till she was eight years old. That was when she began developing her abilities.

(There is one little thing I forgot to tell you in the beginning. I am the son of a chieftain. Chieftains have a unique trait – they possess all the talents.)

Since I had seen my father do some of the Elementalist stuff before, I helped her get a grasp on things. With help from me and her parents, it was a year until she had perfect control over her abilities. On one such runs in the jungle, we came across a huge Beech tree. It was an old tree and was very majestic in appearance. This was where we later built our secret hideout. We used to sneak out food and clothes from our houses. few of the blankets were never found in our homes again. And after having fun and practicing for most part of the day, we used to return home.

It was later, when she was about ten, that she introduced me to her new acquaintance – a Cerebral, Edward. She was unsure whether I would like Edward. She came up to me one morning and asked whether we could skip our run for the day. on asking the reason for that, she said she wanted me to meet her friend and if I liked him, make him the third member of our group. Of course I couldn’t say no. I met him that afternoon. He seemed like a good kid with exceptional intelligence for a twelve-year-old. At that moment, I did not know that this kid would have a huge role in my understanding of myself.

I would also like to give Alice credit for giving me the pep talk and making me confess my love to Catherine(my crush back then), who would become the fourth member of our group. Alice was ten when the first attack happened. She had grown so much from the tiny toddler I used to play with once. She had an average build and a fair skin tone. She had blonde hair, an oval face with one of the most cutest and prettiest smiles I’ve ever seen. No matter how much I coaxed her to let her hair grow, she wouldn’t. She wanted her hair to match mine at least in style. Her dress code also was the same as mine – casual jeans and tees. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that she and i shared almost everything. I mean, she was my sister from another mother (I used to call the Wessleys mom and dad too)

The One That Got Away

Prologue 2


If you have read the first prologue, then you would have come to realize that there is more to this world than what meets the eye. There are quite a few people like me… Not Shapeshifters, but people with what I’d like to call “talents”. That is because magic runs in our blood. Not the street tricks… we do magic that is extremely dangerous. We generally tend to resort to our talents rather than magic because there is a very high risk of getting burned out… Literally speaking, you DIE.

I’m gonna introduce you to my folks later on. For now, let’s settle down on the matters at hand. We’re at war. Yes. You heard it right… War. There are two sects among us – Solaris and Lanfear… Good and evil, light and darkness, you get the jist. While we, at Solaris, fight and strive hard to protect the balance in nature, those at Lanfear are all about destroying it. This has been the conflict that has lasted generations.

Till a few years ago, we had managed to keep the Lanfear isolated on an island that is somewhere in the middle of the Pacific ocean. The exact location and its name? I certainly do not know because my father never got the chance to tell me. The recent years were not so peaceful as they used to be. The Lanfears were breaking loose. Nobody knew how. But the people that we had isolated had become stronger than ever before.

It was twenty-three years ago that they started escaping and attacking Solaris. The isolation enchantment was weakening and the attacks were few in the beginning. Then, all of a sudden, the attacks stopped. A few council members had visited the island and had checked whether all the enchantments were working. However, they failed to know that the isolation enchantment was very weak.

And fifteen years ago, there was a large-scale attack. Or should I say massacre? For it was purely one-sided and the people of Solaris were sure as hell not expecting anything of that sorts. I was a victim of the attack too… But I cannot help but admire the flawless and awesome planning they had done and the hard work they had done to perfect their talents.

In both the sects, we have people with the following talents: Travellers, who don’t literally travel long distances on foot or anything. They have the ability to teleport themselves and anything or anyone in physical contact with them. Then there are the Elementalists, who can control the elements – Fire, Water, Earth, Air and Sky. Next come the Shapeshifters, people like me, who can transform into their spirit animal on being triggered (triggers can be happiness, sadness, anger…. any particular emotion varying from person to person). There are people with extremely high intelligence, called the Cerebrals, who are our strategists. Then come the people who are most beneficial to stealth operations – those who can bend light. In all my thirty years of life( I was seven when the first attack had happened), I’ve never heard any specific term being used to designate them. People just call them the Light Benders.

When the massacre happened, five kids within the ages of ten and fifteen were the only ones to get away with a bit of injuries. I was the oldest among us. So, naturally, I had to assume the leadership of our group. And as you probably would have assumed by now, each of us had different talents. That, dear readers, is for the next part where I will introduce them to you and I’ll also introduce myself more elaborately.


(To be continued…)

The Perfect Partner

This is the first poem I ever wrote. Apart from school and college stuff that is…

My Perfect Partner

That was the last time she called my name…

Her last hope was the poor old me.

All those moments we shared, wasting away in her tears

Then I knew, if I enough cared, I would have someone to tell my fears

I’d be lonely.. I’d always known.

Only she knew the dreams I’d never shown.

She knew that at my side she’d be,

As she was the best partner there could ever be…

Years later, I had to leave her deathbed,

For I had no more tears to shed.

The perfect soulmate she ever was…

But I was tto learn how cunning my friend, Death, was…



The One That Got Away


Well, as much as I hate to admit it, it woke me up again. It had been nearly a month since she was killed, and the cause was a minor (not so minor considering the consequence) miscalculation in my “fool-proof” plan. People who know me know that I hate myself for my erratic decisions…. and mistakes. But I’d never thought that a slight variable error can  cause such a drastic effect.

To add to that misery of recurring nightmares, the full moon night was near. Well, there’s at least one thing only a few people, who are close to me, know. I’m a Shapeshifter. not the whole “Mystique” kinda stuff. I can turn myself into a huge wolf, given that I’m sufficiently angry. Yes. Anger “turns me on”.

Lemme just tell you about my nightmares… Or nightmare. It is always the same thing. I usually find myself in the same graveyard, facing the same tombstone… Her’s. And then I see something luminous move on my far right. I turn to look and see a face I can very well recognize. Her face, obviously. My wife’s face, staring back at me.

And right when I open my mouth to say that I am sorry, I find that I’ve lost my voice. With a creepy and eerie voice, she says “It’ll always be your fault Remusie. Remember that…”. The sudden guilt pangs wake me up every single time and I find myself sweating profusely and my heart racing.

From that fateful day,my life was never the same. I’ve decided that I’ve had enough of these nightmares. I’m famous for erratic decisions. Like most of the decisions I’ve made, this one was faulty too… To put it in other words, I was far from getting rid myself of them. The more I tried to do that, the more intense they’d become the following nights…

I was facing difficulty with my “Furry little problem” these days. I was losing my temper all too quickly, thanks to all the sleepless nights. Self-note: Time for a FunRun in the forest at night. I have to tell you, FunRun is an awesome hobby to have. This is what I usually do to decrease my ‘Anger management issues’ i.e, all the emotions , mostly anger that was bottled up.

I find a safe spot in a jungle that is far from human habitat and let all the anger course through me. That is enough to phase myself into a full-fledged wolf. This affects my “normal life” too. The presence of a part-wolf DNA makes my life hell during full moons.   I get very ill during those days. But it’s all worth it. Well, four legs are better than two for running.

My senses become infinitely heightened when I’m in beast mode. I usually run through the woods, and occasionally hunt a deer or some other animal when I’m doing a FunRun.     But this FunRun was to make another huge turn in my life. And I did not know that when I made the self-note…


(To be continued…)

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